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National Fitness Financial Systems Reviews

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  • Not allowed to speak with a supervisor!!!!!???

    Due to the breach in security at Target, my bank sent me a new card. I just got the card and yesterday gave it to the girl at the front desk at my gym. Go to my gym today and was told that I am behind on my payments and have incurred a $28 late fee charge. Called National Fitness and was transferred to billing and collections. I cannot remember the girl's name that I spoke with but she provided me with terrible customer service. Told her what happened and she said that she could refund half, asked to speak with a supervisor and was told SUPERVISORS DO NOT TAKE INCOMING CALLS ... I have... More...
    cjenkins21's Picture   cjenkins21    1 Comments   Comments

    ATTENTION MILITARY SPOUSES- RUN AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY AS FAST AS YOU CAN! My husband is active duty Air Force and was stationed at Hill AFB. In August 2013 we received orders to PCS (permanent change of station) to Creech AFB, Nevada. In October after we went through the PCS process I contacted National Fitness to cancel my contract. I was told that it should be no problem and to just send over the copy of the orders with me on them and they will cancel the contract with no fee. I then received an email stating that they would not cancel the account. I called them on Friday October 18th... More...
    (Credit Cards, Finance, Banks)
    jmek's Picture   jmek    0 Comments   Comments

    Canceled membership with fee of $50, as requested by company, April 18, 2012. Was still charged for months of May, June, and July. Began personal training contract with company on January 19, 2012. Paid $148.73 up front to cover first and last month's payments. Remaining balance owed was $535. Monthly payments were set at $53.50 for 10 payments on the 19 of each month beginning February 19, 2012. Calls were made to the company in April time frame regarding canceling the membership because of poor customer service (Personal trainers didn't show up for scheduled appointments and... More...
    (Credit Cards, Finance, Banks)
    TerribleDude's Picture   TerribleDude    0 Comments   Comments
  • national fitness financial systems

    National fitness is a consumer nightmare. I tried numerous times to cancel my membership as I had moved too far to continue. I contacted the local management to no avail. Then I called the 800# in January twice to inform them that I want to cancel my membership. the first time I left a message to speak to the manager in charge. i did not receive a return phone call. I called again and the customer service rep hung up on me. I continue to get charge via my checking account. My membership expired in March. Now they (800#) is telling me that I need to put my request in writing with a... More...
    kbryan's Picture   kbryan    0 Comments   Comments
  • Slimy and dishonest business practices

    National Fitness and Kinetix Health Clubs are both awful organizations. I will never sign up with a Kinetix gym again nor will i join any gym who employs National Fitness as its collections agency. I advise the same for ANYBODY unless you want to spend the next several years battling unauthorized charges. When my two year contract that began in October, 2009 expired with Kinetix, National Fitness continued to draft monthly fees out of my account. I contacted Kinetix and they informed me that once said contract expired the terms of such became month to month. They told me i must email a... More...
    JMW20's Picture   JMW20    0 Comments   Comments
  • Disgusting Business Practices

    I will never have anything to do with National Fitness and Kinetix Health Clubs. When my two year contract expired with Kinetix in Carrboro, NC, National Fitness continued to draft monthly fees out of my account. I contacted Kinetix and they informed me that once said contract expired the terms of such became month to month. They told me i must email a request to cancel to their customer service address, which i did in 2011. Last month i realized my account was still being charged each month. I contacted Kinetix and they told me to contact National Fitness because they handle their billing... More...
    (Credit Cards, Finance, Banks)
    JMW20's Picture   JMW20    0 Comments   Comments
  • Customer Service is Non Existent!

    I signed up with Nu Lady in Puerto Rico back in 2007, still as of this year they kept charging monthly fee, fine is $10.00. However the facilities were closed down way before my contract was due. I NEVER receive a prior notice or calls or letters telling me my membership was transferred elsewhere. I put a stop payment to see who was taking money from my account, TaDA!!!! NF!!! but they waited after two months to contact me to say that I had past dues!!! and 3 days after they referred me to a collection agency qith a threatening call. I am in delicate health condition and this has me way to... More...
    sara2012's Picture   sara2012    0 Comments   Comments
  • I can't believe this company is still in business!

    I have been a member with Shapes for over 4 years now. Dealing with National Fitness has been so stressful for me. A couple of months ago i noticed that i have been charged a $3 fee for(along with my monthly payment) for no sensible reason. This has been going on for 11 months! When i called in i was told that my payments were returned by my back. NOT TRUE! My bank account is never negative. When i asked for a refund, they would tell me that no empoyees are authourized to do refund. It was easy for them to charge but impossible to refund me justice:( when time came to renew my membership, i... More...
    Speakout's Picture   Speakout    0 Comments   Comments
  • WOW, no responisibility

    I cannot believe the amount of people who literally cannot take responsibility for something that YOU signed. I go to a gym billed from National Fitness and they have always been courteous. I know a lot of you like to use words like "fine-print" or probably "the club didn't say that to me", but what DO you people do with your contracts? Chuck them in a drawer? Throw it away? Use it for scratch paper? Whose fault is it really then if you never took time to read through an agreement that YOU signed legally. If you ink it, your responsible. I had some problems once... More...
    beast123's Picture   beast123    6 Comments   Comments
  • Just fitness 4 u

    SCAM I have been a member of Just fitness of philip hwy in Jacksonville, Fl for over a years and have always paid on time at the gym, however the front desk people never send my payment. Until I received a call stating that my account is in a negative balance of $ 150.00. I went to talk to the GM, he was so racist, because I am black, he did thing I have to be lying. Anyway, I ask them to research my account and my plan. I want to get out. Find out I can%u2019t because they said so. Which I was told before I signed that this could be a possibility when I joined and they said that it would... More...
    marie0103's Picture   marie0103    0 Comments   Comments
  • National Fitness and Shapes....Do Not Join

    I signed a contract with Shapes who is affiliated with National Fitness back in October. In February, I moved across state for a job and National Fitness initially told me I could cancel my membership since there was no affiliated gym within 15 miles of my new location and it would cost $50. When I called to cancel, they tell me there are two gyms I can go to and will not be allowed to cancel. However, both these gym sites (same owner) went out of business over a year ago. After calling back National Fitness and informing them of this discovery, they two months to do "research" to... More...
    mmiller's Picture   mmiller    0 Comments   Comments
  • National Fitness Scammers

    I was scammed by this company too. I signed a contract that I was told would be an easy contract to get out of when I moved back home after one year, according to Gold’s Gym in NC, come to find out, I am being charged $941.74. I told them of my moving to a location where there wasn’t a Gold’s Gym for miles away, permitting me ability to end my contract according to the Gold’s Gym associate and after contacting Gold’s, they told me I had to deal with National Fitness and send them proof of address change. So I did I faxed my new lease agreement, a note to end... More...
    MadXmember's Picture   MadXmember    2 Comments   Comments
  • Bad Company

    I cancelled my service months back and they still charged my account each month for 10 dollars then had the nerve to charge me 48 dollars a total of three times. The supervisors are unprofessional they curse at you, they are rude they keep charging your account even after eyou show documents of cancellations. I had to get my bank to stop them and they still tried. Nobody should join a gym that you have to use national fitness as your paymnet services. I am so mad of how much more extra money they have gotten from me. They are the most disrespectful customer service reps I have ever spoken... More...
    PARKERBOY's Picture   PARKERBOY    0 Comments   Comments
  • Predatory

    These guys are one of the worst offenders of predatory billing. My credit card on file was not active and they charged 2 months worth of invoices for "Just Fitness" at $10/month. They sent me a bill for $25, and then they suggested that I pay online. When I got to the site, the fees were up to $40. I called the line and they stated, "read your contract". F-You, National Fitness. I am quitting that gym. More...
    bobfitz's Picture   bobfitz    0 Comments   Comments
  • derogatory credit reporting

    i had joined national fitness in charleston south carolina in 2009. sicne i travel and get transfered from job to job quite often i specifically asked the question about terminating the agreement should i be transfered. the reply from the manager was to just supply them with a letter stating the reason. i complied with their request. two months later i recieve a phone call stating i am being charged for the account which was now in arrears. after a lenghty discussion with the representative ( as there were no national fitness centers in my area at that time)it was agreed to fax a copy... More...
    (Spa Services)
    rludwig's Picture   rludwig    1 Comments   Comments
  • cancel

    I canceled my Gym membership with Pivitol in greenville SC on 8/9/11. I gave them a utility bill with my new address(because that's what they said was needed)and the lady in the gym said thank you and that I would no be charged. She did not say this has to be approved or denied, she did not say another company other than the gym I signed up for would be calling me 9 days later to tell me that they do not think my utility bill will be accepted. I turned in a water bill with my name on it. THIS IS A UTILITY BILL PEOPLE. I now live 2 1/2 hrs away and do not have a Pivitol near by. I... More...
    (Credit Cards, Finance, Banks)
  • SCAM

    I have been a member of Pivitol in Greenville, SC for 8 months and have always paid on time, enjoyed the gym and referred friends/co-workers to join. I recently moved 2 1/2hrs away (which I had warned the gym that this could be a possibility when I joined and they said that it would not be a problem) and the gym told me all I had to do is submit a utility bill with my new address and I could cancel my membership. So that's exactly what I did. The nice lady at the gym said I was good to go and that I would no longer be charged (that was on the 9th. Well,I just got a call from... More...
    (Credit Cards, Finance, Banks)
    jpacker's Picture   jpacker    0 Comments   Comments
  • Customer relations member

    My wife joined a fitness center that was affiliated with National Fitness. We retired and moved to an area that did not have a franchise in the area. In April we began trying to cancel her membership. We had to jump through all kinds of hoops to satisfy the company. We first submitted proof of our new residence by faxing an electric bill showing our new address. They lost the fax but we did not know there was a problem until the dues were taken from our checking account. We had to fax another copy and make several phone calls to finally get the membership stopped. We paid for five months... More...
    get52's Picture   get52    0 Comments   Comments
  • Company is nothing but a scam artist

    My daughter and I joined Jane's Gym in Olive Branch, MS February of this year and they were nice on that day. I hurt my knee in April and have had to stop going per dr.'s orders. I have sent in MANY disability forms to National Fitness and they keep telling me that this and that need to be fixed on it. Ok sent to dr again. Was finally told on June 2nd by one of Nat. Fitness employees that form was excepted. Well, guess what, today I was told that it had to be redone by dr. They are nothing but scam artists that want your money. The people at the gym and the people at Nat. Fitness... More...
    peaches10's Picture   peaches10    1 Comments   Comments
  • This Company Will Scam You

    I had ended my contract with Golds Gym in NC in December, after 3 years. During my third year, which was my free year, National Fitness billed me several times, and i had to have them refund me. After my contract ended with Gold's, I was under the assumption that I was done. I was fine until I saw in June that I had been charged again. I looked back in my bank statements and saw that I had also been charged in May. Those were the only two months charged. I called them up and the customer service girl was snippy and unhelpful and told me that I was still under contract until I... More...
    sharper's Picture   sharper    2 Comments   Comments
  • Do not join any gym that uses National Fitness

    I signed up for a membership at Just Fitness in Sandy Springs, GA in January under special terms. Since then, I have been getting charged 19.99 multiple times each month. Just Fitness told me they could not address the problem and that I had to deal with National Fitness, they're billing agency directly. National Fitness was extremely unapologetic, and it has now taken over three months to get this straightened out. It turns out that three accounts were opened in my name, two of which did not even have my signature on them. Each time I called National Fitness, I had to speak to a new... More...
    mbendik's Picture   mbendik    4 Comments   Comments
  • National Fitness review

    I have been out of contract for over 1 year and have not lived in an area where there is one of their contracted centers for over 6 months. I called and made a special trip to the center 3 times to cancel the charges being taken out of my account. Wrote letters to the management and was never told by the local center to contact National Fitness. Finally another member told me about them. Please note, when I initially contracted with the Center, they were NOT the Financial company holding my contract! I called and emailed last month to get the charges stopped....was told that was it and... More...
    (Credit Cards, Finance, Banks)
    bettibop's Picture   bettibop    2 Comments   Comments
  • Terrible Customer Service

    National Fitness Financial was completely ridiculous when discussing the terms of canceling my contract. The contract I signed stated that if I moved and could provide proof they would discontinue the contract and end the fees. I was first misinformed that I could fax my documents proving my move to the company. When I discovered that I actually had to mail the documents I had already been charged for one month of membership though I had already moved and hadn't been using the gym. I mailed in three separate documents proving my move including a receipt stating my name, the address,... More...
    (Credit Cards, Finance, Banks)
    Blorelei's Picture   Blorelei    1 Comments   Comments
  • contract suxz

    I moved away from Sc back in Jan. and sent them a letter that was issue by my utility company saying I moved to another state in the beginning of Feb. But since they did not receive the letter til mid Feb. I am still being charged for a gym service I am not even using. I contract the customer service and was answer by a rude representative stating "read the contract". 30 days notice which they never told me about when I called back in Jan. Pivotal fitness isnt as great as some people defend, it's one of the worst gyms I been too and I have never have gotten ringworm until I... More...
  • Ladies Workout Express

    (Spa Services)

    (Spa Services)
    shelbow's Picture   shelbow    1 Comments   Comments

    Both my wife and i had joined the gym. I ended up quiting becasue I was already a member of another gym and the only reason I joined this gym was to help her. We verbally canceled my membership and after taliking the employess and managers several times they finally canceled the membership. When My wife went to quit all of a sudden they wanted a Faxed letter saying she wanted to quit and then it would take a month more of billing cycles to cancel. Don't ever sign another gym membership again without knowing if you want to quit , quit a month before you actually stop using it. More...
    (Credit Cards, Finance, Banks)
    Jackoff's Picture   Jackoff    0 Comments   Comments
  • Terrible service

    Having to write a letter to cancel account and stop draft is problematic enough - but for 2 more drafts to occur after letter is terrible customer service. Exactly the reason why these gyms and their outsourced financial companies have such a bad reputation. If you really want the service of a gym and these guys are the financial option - walk away. My experience with their customer service reps are the same as all the other negative reviews here. More...
    JDStegall's Picture   JDStegall    0 Comments   Comments
  • Bad Customer Service

    National Fitness Financial will not solve an ongoing problem that I have. I had a membership with Lady of America gym which was under a different contract holder. At the request of the owner, I changed over to National Fitness. For months I was billed by both companies, and tried to resolve the billing issue with the old contract holder. Lady of America has been overpaid by me for a membership that they are running for longer than the term of my original membership. Phone calls help somewhat, but they are being very accusatory saying I owe them for a much longer contract than was intended.... More...
    (Credit Cards, Finance, Banks)
    kshu200's Picture   kshu200    0 Comments   Comments
  • Dishonest

    According to National Fitness' own website, they are above average in the industry for correcting billing errors such as "expired credit card dates." I have several automatic draft accounts with multiple companies, and if the authorized credit card expires I receive notice, update it, and things move on unhindered. With National Fitness the first notice I received was non-admittance to the gym because of an expired membership. When I contacted National Fitness they updated the date and told me that my CC company had also billed me $15 for the denial (lie #1)...I figured... More...
    (Credit Cards, Finance, Banks)
    terdcel's Picture   terdcel    0 Comments   Comments
  • Rip Off!

    This company is also Pivotal Fitness and they will rip you off! My husband, like many others, is being hit with fees because of the company not wanting to allow us to cancel the membership. We are no longer in a contract and only on month to month but they feel they have a right to continue billing us. We have put a stop payment with our bank on this and they are telling us it will go to collections. Go ahead, I'll fight that too! This company is such a scam! We now go to the YMCA, my parents were members there and when they moved and couldn't go anymore they had no issues with... More...
    Svillefam's Picture   Svillefam    1 Comments   Comments
  • Bad Experience

    I signed a membership agreement with one gym and it got bought out by another gym. I paid all my dues all time etc. I asked the gym representative TWO times when I knew my contract was coming close to the end how much notice I needed to provide. They told me TWO times it was a thirty day notice and gave me the contact information for National Fitness because I had to write a letter to them. I sent my letter 45 days in advance and recieved a phone call from National Fitness saying that I needed to give a sixty day notice. On top of that, they were rude! I understand what my contract says... More...
    (Shopping, Chain Stores)
    anon3305's Picture   anon3305    0 Comments   Comments
  • Unfair billing practices

    National Fitness in association with Kinetix Gym in Macon Georgia are incapable of understanding their own contract. I signed up for a 24 month gym membership on Feb 8, was asked to pay first month's dues at that time with direct withdrawls starting on March 1st for 2 years. I cancelled the membership per their requirements. On Feb 1st, I see that they withdrew a 25th payment. When I called National Fitness, I spoke to an assoicate that did not seem to care that the contract was paid in full for the entire 24 months. National Fitness and Kinetix does not abide by their own written... More...
    (Entertainment, Movies, Events)
    Macon's Picture   Macon    0 Comments   Comments
  • Unethical Company

    I sent a later to this company to cancel my membership. I talked to a Representative named Emily and she advised me on the charges in my account of $30 which I paid that same day with my Cc. seven months later, I received a letter from them saying that I owe a total of $149.00 and that my account was in collection. I called customer service and get this rude girl on the phone who tells me that they was nothing she could do giving that she does not see my letter of cancellation in the system. She asked me to send her a copy of the certified confirmation mail. How convenient. Now is my word... More...
    (Shopping, Chain Stores)
    Leah's Picture   Leah    0 Comments   Comments
  • Worst Company I have EVER dealt with!

    This is THE worst company I have EVER dealt with, not one of the worst, THE worst. Their customer service is crap and their business practices are unethical. I had my payments coming out of a check card with bank a. I had an unexpected bill come out of that account and then National Fitness billed that account and it over drafted my account which was fine because it was my fault. The problem came when I went to pay my bill. I called national fitness and asked them to pay the bill with my other checking account with bank b just for a one time payment. Well that night I looked at my... More...
    (Shopping, Chain Stores)

    When I signed up for Lady of America in Green Brook NJ, I specifically asked if I moved would I have a problem cancelling the contract and was told no. So a year and a half later I moved and tried cancelling. However I was told I lived within 25 miles of the gym and could not. There is no way out of paying them and my contract doesn't end until May 2011. So I owe them $534.00. I did stop the ACH payments and will send them a money order each month and pay them faster just to keep my credit rating good. I will NEVER ever do this again and will tell all my friends not to use this sorry... More...
    (Shopping, Chain Stores)
    stuck2009's Picture   stuck2009    1 Comments   Comments
  • How to deal

    So many complaints so little reading.... no one reads the contracts. People do not realize that your signiture is more than just scribble! Whenever you put your signiture on anything make sure you read it first ! Now that thats out let me help you out a little bit. Best thing to do as far as cancellation with national fitness goes, is to cooperate. Read your contract.. request one if you havent got a copy. It states there that NFFS is allowed to tack fees onto your owing balance. For nonpayment, returned payments, disputed payments... Most people think that being nasty is the way to... More...
    (Shopping, Chain Stores)
    Katt's Picture   Katt    9 Comments   Comments
  • gym contract

    Do not ever sign up a gym contract with this company. i have tried to end this contract because I live in another state and there is no other gym near my permanent home. I travel and work out of state. I have sent multiple items of identification and my home address and they still want more proof. It is taking an act of congress to get out of the membership. If your gym doesn't offer month to month without having to debit your bank account, you will be so very sorry. I know I am. More...
    (Shopping, Chain Stores)
    mustang1's Picture   mustang1    23 Comments   Comments
  • Beware of ladies workout express contracts

    National fitness financial is the finance company for ladies workout express, and has a term contract with an auto renewal policy. The term for my contract was 2 years which I paid the balance off 8 months prior to the membership expiring and canceled any auto renewal. I then receive a credit collection notice with huge fees for being 2 days late....BEWARE OF LADIES WORKOUT EXPRESS CONTRACTS AND ALSO YOU MUST TYPE A LETTER AND SEND IT CERTIFIED TO GET OUT OF PAYING MORE MONTHS AND HUGE FEES. I explained the situation to them that I canceled my contract when I paid it off in full 8... More...
    (Shopping, Chain Stores)
    sandrabever's Picture   sandrabever    6 Comments   Comments

National Fitness Financial Systems Reviews By Product

National Fitness Financial Systems Comments

UnhappyGymMember says: (4 years ago)
I am going through the same thing as everyone else. I didn't renew my membership and sent the letter and National Fitness billed me and said they didn't get the letter. I emailed the letter to the gym after I sent the letter. They claim no to received even my certified letter with the card stamped with National Fitness. They continue to bill me.

Nationalfitnessblows says: (5 years ago)
National Fitness is a JOKE! I am an army wife who is moving to Italy. And national fitness are being @$$holes and will not let me cancel my membership because i have a choice to stay in the states and pay a gym membership or be with my husband for 4 years. HA! they are crazy if they honestly think that but i had to change my bank account info because i will be damned if they get another dime from me.

M117706 says: (7 years ago)
October 08, 2010. I was inform No Contract & month to month. Wow! I never heard of that No contract. Guess what it's a scam. I never look at my bank statement until 1/08/2011. Just fitness have been charging to my account without my permission on 11/08/2010 for $10.00, 12/08/2010 for $10.00, 1/08/2011 for $10.00, hack again 1/25/2011for $48.00, which I haven't work out for 3 months.

I called national fitness on 1/17/2011 talked with Kayel he lie that I sign the contract. I don't want just fitness withdrawn from my account t rather pay Cash for $10.00 than go to hail for letting the whole fraud systems in American go hacking into my account at national fitness Power to control. I called again January 24, 2011 to cancel Neal 800. 658.7727 refused to cancel. A scam and a fraud for $10.00 is not worth to fight with devil starving for money and lie to their client. Just fitness sooo the devil, rude, and difficult to deal with.

January 25, 2011 just hack again into my account for $48.00. I work only one month on october 8, 2010 and never work out again. I told them to cancel and want a full refund just fitness told me to send them my driver license according to extension 529 Just fitness told me they will charge again on February for $10.00. Just fitness lie again and hacked into my account 1/25/2011 for $48.00 before February 8, 2011. Please help me!!!

M117706 says: (7 years ago)
October 08, 2010, I sign on as a member. Just fitness told me no Contract and month to month. I haven't work out for 3 months. I didn't realize just fitness were withdrawing from my account until 1/08/11. I never gave them permission. I called national fitness 1/16/2011 to cancel they refused. They lie and will scam your bank account. Extension 529 she told me to send in my license to proof I didn't sign a contract. They already have been hacking into my account now they want my driver license...hail with this $10.00 scam.. I rather pay CASH than giving my bank card or credit card. Rude staff!!!!

MadinLakewood says: (7 years ago)
This company is merely a collection agency. Do not try to resolve any disputes with them. I provided them a copy of the contract showing no annual fee was due (I was lucky that I needed to retain a copy of the contract so my company would reimburse me), yet they stated they cannot remove the fee until the gym contacts them. I informed them that is extortion. For $40, two annual fees,(The first time I protested it was taken off my credit card yet they kept a balance on my account unknowingly)I have spent countless hours on the phone and over 3 months of harassment.

gorf44 says: (8 years ago)
My contract is up with national fitness, it's a pain to even cancel after your contract is up you have to send certified letter with return receipt then 30 days later they say they will cancel? If I'm not under contract couldn't I just cancel. They are also rude and liars, the ass-istant manager at tazewell pike location knoxville tn is about the rudest person I've ever had any dealing with. STAY AWAY FROM NAT FIT.

gaangell1 says: (8 years ago)
As the manager of a gym in Georgia, I am surprised at the complaints about NFFS. We have been using them for a number of years and have never had a single problem that we weren't able to resolve simply with the help of the staff there. Maybe some of the people writing should have checked the policies for certain circumstances such as relocation.
I do have to say that lately some of the people we have spoken to on the phone with NFFS need to remember that their customers deserve to be spoken to with courtesy. There have been a couple of instances in the last week when the representative of NFFS was rude and short when called by our staff. I told my staff to make sure they got the name of the person they were speaking to when they call. I have no problem calling their employers to let them know they need to maintian a higher level of prefessionalism when speaking to their clients!

greginjax says: (8 years ago)
i have come to strongly dislike national fitness finance. i have been a member of golds gym jacksonville for 4 years, recently they have changed brands, first to "just fit 4 u" , and now the gym has changed to "river fit". somewhere between august and the present, national fitness took over the financial aspect for the owners of the gym. now this is where my issue begins. back in august, i sent in my cancellation letter to golds gym, it was filed with them however it never made it to the new finance company, national fitness. now just to be sure, on october 1, the day my contract was supposed to have cancelled, i went into the gym, and now having decided not to move out of state, wanted to check on the status of my membership. the new co-owner told me that i would have to sign a new agreement to use the facility, i double checked with her that my original contract had been cancelled, she assured me it had. so i signed a new month to month contract, paid the deposit. i went home after doing this, and checked my bank account, and then i saw that the older membership had not been cancelled, so in addition to the $50 deposit for the new contract, they had also taken out th $25 for the previous contract. so the next morning, i contacted national fitness to make them aware of their mistake. they saw that i had signed a new contract, and that the other should have, but was not cancelled. so the girl told me that she would put the order in to have the original contract cancelled. now of course i also reminded her that the original club i signed with is no longer in existance, so i am confused as to how they withdrew that payment, not to mention the fact that i had given them 2 months notice to cancel my month to month contract. well, it took 7 buisness days for them to get back to me to let me know my previous contract was now cancelled. at that point, i asked when they were going to refund my money, and the girl seemed suprised that i would ask that. then she proceeded to tell me that she would have to put another order in to get the approval to do the refund. at this point i am confused, if you cancelled the contract, then how can you take a payment for something that no longer exist. she told me this would take another 5 to 7 buisness days.. livid, i agreed to wait. well, finally i get a missed call from one of the employees saying he wanted to let me know that he got the request and that it would be going forward. so i assumed that meant i would be getting my refund. i called back the next day and spoke to a different person, the one who had called me the day before was busy, but this guy told me that i would be getting my refund. so after 4 days had passed, and no refund, i decided to call back up there, this time i spoke to jay, the one who had left me the message. well i was then informed that i was not getting a refund, rather they were crediting my new account. again this makes me livid. they have now taken a payment that they had no right to an credited to a completely different account. now some might say, as they did, you get your money back by not having to pay your $10 monthly dues, that is not the point. i have been requesting and requesting a refund for nearly 3 weeks, and it is like they have not heard a word i said, in addition my roommate lost his job, i needed my $25 dollars, i have budgeted myself and allowed the $50 dollar deposit, but not a stolen $25 from national finance. now i work for a collection agency and we do collections for gym finance companies, and i have been told that it is illegal to take a payment for a voided contract, and illegal to take that payment and credit it to a seperate contract, without it mattering that the accounts are for the same people. i hate national fitness finance, i hate dealing with them, however until i can find another gym close to my home, i am stuck with those a$$holes.

attorney says: (8 years ago)
Calling National Fitness the scum of the earth is an insult to the less egregious scum of the earth. Do NOT join any gym that uses National Fitness to handle their billing.

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